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We offer business management solutions based on the Oracle E-Business Suite framework. Oracle E-Business Suite is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system designed for large and medium-sized businesses.

It streamlines financial, procurement, sales, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, employee management and other company processes. Oracle E-Business Suite is a leading system for financial and manufacturing and a second world-wide business management system according to market share.


What is the Oracle E-Business Suite?

Oracle E-Business Suite is a global business management solution installed in more than 100 countries. The system offers the best business practices that allow companies to take over other companies' experience and optimize their business processes.
Broadest range of business management solution functionality with more than 150 modules.
Flexibility to combine the system to individual business needs.
Technological reliability and stability.
The system is adapted to the Business Accounting Standards across all countries of deployment.

Solutions for medium-sized enterprises

One of the most common stereotypes is the assertion that Oracle is designed for large enterprises. Oracle has more than 19,000 customers in medium-sized enterprises segment. Oracle offers a variety of products, technologies and services not only for large enterprises but also for businesses with smaller budgets.

Specialized solutions for industries

Oracle E-Business Suite system offers not only flexible business solutions but also vertical solutions for specific industries. For example, the latest Oracle E-Business Suite R12 version offers more than 2,350 new features, half of them designed for individual industries.

Why choose Oracle?

The key reasons why choosing Oracle E-Business Suite ERP system:

Extensive functionality

Oracle E-Business Suite system includes finance, procurement, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, employee management and other company processes. The system covers specific industry needs - from manufacturing to services. For fast growing companies, expanding into new niches and markets Oracle E-Business Suite provides an excellent platform for business development, offering more than 150 modules.

Largest marketplace

  • More than 20,000 developers and system administrators.
  • More than 30,000 Oracle ERP customers.
  • A global network of partners.

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