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iTree is a recognized source of expertize in delivering business solutions based on Oracle Database and Oracle Forms and Reports. Our in-depth experience and qualifications are attested to by iTree’s status as a Platinum Oracle Specialized Database Partner (worldwide). With over 100 experienced Oracle developers, we provide iTree’s customers with both turnkey application development services and flexible development, support and maintenance outsourcing services.

Our team has over 15 years of experience in working together to deliver successful projects and quality services. This experience and our specialization on Oracle technologies gives iTree a unique capability to help our customers meet their business needs.

What we do

Our team of Oracle Certified Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professionals and Oracle Certified Forms Professionals deliver a range of services relating to Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Forms and Reports, including:

  • New line of business system development with the latest version of Oracle Forms.
  • Support and maintenance of existing systems based on all versions of Oracle Forms.
  • System upgrade and migration from all older versions of Forms to the current release.
  • System upgrade and migration from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF.

Forms based system performance tuning.

New systems development

Oracle Forms are not dead. According to Oracle Corporation’s Statement of Direction[1], “Oracle has no plan to discontinue support of Oracle Forms. Furthermore, a new version of Forms, Oracle Forms 12c, is planned for delivery as a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c.” Oracle Forms and Reports, components of Oracle Fusion Middleware, are Oracle's long established technologies used to design and build enterprise applications quickly and efficiently. Oracle remains committed to the development of these technologies and to their future release as components of the Oracle platform.

Deciding on whether to build a new system based on Oracle Forms or J2EE need not be complicated. This decision largely depends on the specifics of the system itself and the IT environment in which it will be deployed. If the customer already has an Oracle Forms based systems IT environment, continued use of Forms may be a better economic alternative to introducing a new technological framework.

iTree’s team of architects can help you make a business case justified decision on technology for your new systems. If the most economically advantageous approach is moving to J2EE, iTree will so recommend. In such cases, iTree’s team of Java professionals stand ready to take on the project.

However, if continued use of Forms is indicated, our customers are free to make the decision that may help save time and money. Oracle Forms remain a valid technology for the development of line of business applications quickly and at reasonable cost. Systems built with Oracle Forms remain highly maintainable, easily integrate with enterprise architectures and have a clear path for eventual migration to J2EE based systems, should the business need arise in the future.

Our team of experienced and Oracle certified architects and developers are ready to deliver full turnkey system development services, from analysis and design, to build and deployment and post-deployment support and maintenance. Leveraging both Oracle’s Internet Developer Suite and Designer and our own set of solution accelerators, iTree is ready to deliver high quality new systems based on Oracle Forms on time and within budget.

Support and Maintenance

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and experience in Oracle technologies, iTree offers support and maintenance services for both applications developed and implemented by our teams and by other vendors. As an Oracle Platinum Partner whose employees have tens of years of experience in the development and support of systems based on both cutting edge current technologies, as well as legacy systems based on old releases of Oracle Forms – iTree is uniquely positioned to provide services covering our customers’ full application portfolios.

Many customers have invested heavily into core line of business systems based on older technologies and replacement of these systems may be cost prohibitive in terms of both direct and indirect costs. Systems developed on older versions of Oracle Database and Oracle Forms may be hard to maintain, improve and expand because of:

  • potential lacks in documentation and understanding of the technical side of the legacy systems.
  • experts who developed and installed the systems are no longer available (retired or moved on to new technology).
  • junior staff is no longer familiar with the technologies used in the legacy systems and cannot support them.
  • front-ends and “user experience” of the legacy systems make them hard to integrate into a modern web 2.0 enabled workplace, and others.

iTree’s team of experienced experts is not only fully qualified to support these legacy systems, but can, through the application of the Productivity Engineering discipline, help lengthen their productive lifecycle, or, assist in a less painful migration to new technology.

Oracle Forms upgrade and migration

User experience insight
Business intelligence
Data services
Identity management
Content management
SOA and process management
Enterprise management

iTree’s team of experts has a proven track record in upgrading existing Forms and Reports installations to the latest version of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Leveraging our long experience and a specialized set of upgrade accelerators, iTree can help our customers protect their earlier investments by ensuring existing Forms and Reports systems continue to perform and evolve.

Moving to ADF

In some cases, there may exist a business driver to move existing applications from Oracle Forms to a different technology choice. For example, Oracle Forms may no longer be the ideal fit for the application requirements, or you may be adopting a strategy to consolidate disparate or heterogeneous development environments. For those who have a strong business imperative to migrate existing Oracle Forms and Reports applications, we offer the following recommendations:

For Oracle Forms or application development requirements that exhibit these characteristics:

  • Extensive business rules or UI control logic in the application itself.
  • Need integration with and access to Fusion Applications or other 3rd party applications.
  • Need access to features provided by Oracle Fusion Middleware, such as BPM, BIP, WebCenter, and SOA.
  • For larger scale deployments where most of the processing time is in the application, and scalability is achieved by adding multiple middle tiers.
  • Larger development teams with requirements for complete development lifecycle support.
  • General preference to use Java/JEE technology.

Oracle JDeveloper 11g with Oracle ADF is the tool of choice for building applications on Fusion Middleware. However, given the architectural difference between Java EE and Oracle Forms, migration of existing systems to Java EE automatically is a highly challenging proposition.

iTree has the advantage of being Specialized not only in Oracle Database and Forms and Reports, but also in Oracle Java. This gives us a unique perspective on Forms to Java migration projects, allowing us to determine the migration approach that offers our customers acceptable delivery time, acceptable cost and acceptable risk.

Forms performance tuning

Regardless of your current versions of Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware, all systems need care and maintenance to ensure proper performance. iTree’s team of experts can diagnose causes of poor system performance, covering the whole range of IT infrastructure, logical and physical design issues, SQL performance and code quality. Properly tuned databases and middleware will ensure that systems perform properly, but will also help ensure that business users remain satisfied.

Engagement models

iTree offers flexible engagement models to help our customers meet their business needs, including:

  • Offsite end-to-end project delivery services to speed delivery and minimize cost.
  • Provision of iTree professionals onsite to deliver solutions or supplement internal delivery teams.
  • Integrated onsite and offsite teams, combining iTree professionals with the customer’s own resources or those of other contractors.
  • Both fixed price and time and materials engagements are available.


Proven track record

iTree has successfully developed business applications and portals for a broad range of industries, including Insurance, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Utilities and the Public Sector. iTree’s customers are based across the European Union, South Africa. Recent successes include:

  • Upgrade of multiple Forms and Reports based applications dealing with the processing of European Union agricultural subsidies to the latest version of Oracle Fusion Middleware at the National Payments Agency (
  • Continued development, maintenance and support of an Oracle Forms and Reports based customer care and billing solution for the largest electricity distribution company in the Baltic states (
  • Outsourced maintenance and support of Oracle Forms and Reports based core insurance systems for multinational property and casualty insurance companies, including: