Productivity Engineering

knowledge management

iTree’s Productivity Engineering services are all about ensuring better software development, higher quality product implementation and more effective support and maintenance. Engineering is the science, skill and profession of applying scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge in order to design and also build systems and processes (

Productivity Engineering covers three disciplines: testing, knowledge management and continuous integration. iTree Test Engineers design and build testing schemas for use by both software testers and software developers. iTree Knowledge Engineers design and build know-how management systems to ensure better capture and sharing of knowledge. And, iTree CIS Engineers design and build secure development and testing environments and assure continuous integration.

All three areas are innovative engineering disciplines, and, when they are applied together, result in Productivity Engineering. Productivity Engineering is all about assessing how innovation and new IT management processes will affect the productivity of software engineering, implementation or maintenance processes in an organisation and providing a scientifically based evaluation of costs and benefits associated with those innovations and new processes.

iTree’s Productivity Engineering service helps identify barriers to productivity, including business bottlenecks, inefficient testing, delays in task handover, waiting time for development or QA environment preparation, poor knowledge capture and transfer between business and IT, continuous integration issues, and many more. Through the application of Theory of Constraints and other methods, iTree’s Productivity Engineers help not only to identify the weakest links in the IT productivity chain, but propose concrete, business case justified methods for strengthening those links and increasing overall IT productivity.