Oracle Database Support and Maintenance

iTree Group offers a variety of support services for Oracle Database versions 7.0 through 11.2 and all versions of Oracle MySQL SE, EE and CGE. Our professionals have 20+ years of experience working with common areas of Oracle Database technology as well as with the following extensions (Oracle Database Options):

  • Real Application Clusters (aka Oracle Parallel Server);
  • Data Guard (aka Standby Databases);
  • Streams (incl. Advanced Replication, Advanced Queuing, CDC, etc.).

We’ve been dealing with Oracle databases of 500+ GB in size, and with 24x7 availability requirements, on various platforms including AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux and Windows.

iTree's expertise in this area is evidenced by the award of Oracle Platinum Specialized Database Partner and Oracle Platinum MySQL Specialized Partner Status status.

To achieve a Specialized status, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of the customer and partner community. By achieving a Specialized distinction, iTree has been recognized by Oracle for its expertise in delivering services specifically around Oracle Database through competency development, business results and proven success.

Installation, Upgrade, Migration.

  • Oracle Database software installation following Customer specific requirements and Oracle recommended best practices.
  • Analysis on potential risks related with the software version change; developing upgrade script according to Customer availability requirements and other limitations, performing test runs and the final upgrade.
  • Analysis on different approaches of database migration to a new major version; developing the migration script, performing test runs and the final migration.

Setup and Maintenance

  • Developing (new or change to existing) setup of database user accounts, privileges and auditing according to Customer security policies and database application(s) specifics; implementing the setup; monitoring audit logs; consulting on available database features addressing various security challenges like password strength, data encryption etc.
  • Analysis of database storage layout over the available disk resources addressing performance and manageability goals; analysis of potential deficiencies of database storage structures (like index fragmentation) affecting performance or space utilization; developing and implementing storage reorganization scripts; proactive monitoring of storage resource availability; troubleshooting storage related issues and suggesting on proactive approaches to avoid them in future.
  • Analysis of database server memory configuration addressing performance and effective O/S resource utilization goals; implementing memory configuration changes; troubleshooting out-of-memory errors.
  • Monitoring for invalid application objects in a database (aka schema objects) and providing with their repair; developing and implementing schema changes according to system availability requirements and Oracle recommended best practices; exporting/importing schema objects to/from O/S files according to Customer needs.


Backup and Recovery

  • Analysis of database backup/recovery strategy at Customer addressing system recoverability and availability goals; consulting on Oracle technology features to address various backup challenges (like online backup, compressed backup, etc.); developing, implementing and monitoring database backup scripts according to Customer strategy; reacting on failed backups to maintain the required database recoverability level; developing and running database crash test scenarios.
  • Analysis of a database crash or physical corruption in a database; advising on or performing database recovery with the least possible loss of data changes and in the shortest time periods; consulting on Oracle features available to avoid recovery; consulting on non-standard approaches when available backups do not allow for traditional recovery.


Oracle Networking

  • Suggesting on Oracle network configuration options for better manageability; implementing network configuration changes; troubleshooting network connectivity and performance issues.

Performance Management and Tuning

  • Analysis of overall database performance with identifying topmost issues and suggesting on how to address them.
  • Analysis of particular application (SQL – PL/SQL) performance issues, including SQL tracing, elaborating on execution plans, efficient index usage; providing with an authoritative and well-reasoned complain or change request to application developers when performance issues are caused by application code; suggesting on Oracle features available to fix application performance errors at database level as an alternative to applying to developers.