Oracle E-Business Suite Support and Maintenance

As a world-wide Platinum Specialized E-Business Suite Partner, iTree’s team of certified Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Applications Database Administration Certified Professionals and Oracle Database Administrator Certified Masters has unique, in-depth experience in the all aspects of Oracle EBS administration services, routinely providing a wide range of services to enterprise-level customers.

Our team of experts is ready to provide our customers with a complete range of services from routine on-going pro-active monitoring and maintenance to complete outsourcing of your Oracle E-Business Suite administration and support needs. Our offer includes:


  • Planning and designing Multi-Tier Architecture following Oracle best practices.
  • Installing Oracle EBS.
  • Applying the latest Oracle EBS patches.



  • Determining available Oracle EBS upgrade paths and planning upgrades.
  • Upgrading Oracle EBS QA and production environments.
  • Cloning.
  • Defining or reviewing existing Oracle EBS cloning and clone refresh procedures.
  • Cloning Oracle EBS production environment to testing environments.
  • Backup and Recovery Management.
  • Defining or reviewing existing Oracle EBS backup and recovery procedures.
  • Testing Oracle EBS backup and recovery procedures.
  • Performing and verifying regular Oracle EBS backups.
  • Automating Oracle EBS backup procedures.
  • Recovering Oracle EBS from backup in emergency situations.


Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution

  • Resolving Oracle EBS technical problems.
  • Co-managing, filing, escalating Oracle Support SRs.


Service Health Check

  • Monitoring system, concurrent manager, workflow, and database logs.
  • Resolving observed problems.
  • Monitoring of host services (processor load, disk and memory usage, running processes, log files).


Resolving Observed Problems

  • Monitoring disk space capacity, objects reaching maximum extents, and amount of free space in database.
  • Monitoring database statistics using STATSPACK or ADDM packages. Prepare regular reports.
  • Monitoring database tables statistics collection processes.


Other Administration Tasks

  • User, role, responsibility, privilege administration.
  • Concurrent manager maintenance and queue monitoring.
  • Performance tuning and pro-active measurements of future planning.
  • Purging old concurrent requests data.
  • Printers maintenance in Oracle EBS.
  • Applying Oracle EBS patches, patch sets and maintenance packs.
  • Applying Oracle EBS technology stack (DB, iAS) patches.